Booking Terms & Conditions

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We aim to provide the very best service to all our guests. We will do our very best to help. If you need these Terms and Conditions and our Booking Form in a different format, please request this.

The Park Owner
(Referred to as “we/us/our”)
Business Name: Serenity Shelfco no: 4 Limited
Address: 6 Fountain Court, Buccaneer Drive, Finningley, Doncaster, DN9 3GN
Telephone: 0800 644 4477

The Park
Name: The Headland Caravan and Camping Park
Address: Atlantic Road, Tintagel, PL34 0DE
Telephone: 0800 644 4477


“Park Rules” means the rules of conduct and practice issued by us from time to time and applicable to the park. The Park Rules which currently apply to your booking are in Part II of these Terms and Conditions.

“Pitch” does not include any part of the park except that on which the accommodation in which you are staying stands.

“Services” means the services which we have promised to make available without a separate charge to you, for example any utilities to your Pitch. Services for which we make a separate charge are provided under separate agreements and not these Terms and Conditions.

“Site Licence” means the caravan Site Licence applicable to the park issued to us by the local authority under Section 3 of the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 (or in the case of Northern Ireland under Section 3 of the Caravans (Northern Ireland) Act 1963) and other relevant statutes.

“You/your” means the person making the booking and all members of their party excluding children under 18. Where there is more than one person, each is fully responsible for the obligations in these Terms and Conditions.
References to taxes and laws are references to them as extended, amended, or replaced from time to time.


1. Bookings are accepted for holiday purposes only.
2. Bookings must not exceed the stated number of person(s) when booked.
a) Only the persons on the booking stated may stay at the caravan or pitch. Over Occupancy will not be Tolerated.
b) You shall notify us in writing with any changes to person(s) listed on the booking at the earliest possible opportunity and in any event, prior to arrival at the holiday park.
3. Bookings will only be accepted from adults. You are confirming you are over the age 18 and are responsible for your booking and any other person(s) stated in your booking.
4. All parties under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
5. If you request a booking for more than one Pitch, then we may contact you before deciding whether to accept the booking to help us decide whether we are able to provide the holiday experience you are looking for.
6. Please make sure that you book all the dates you need. We are not able to guarantee that we will be able to extend your booking.
7. We reserve the right to refuse any booking

How to Book

8. Bookings can be requested in the following ways:
a) Online at
b) By email:
9. Should you book a pitch and/or an electrical hook up pitch; the size of your unit, including any tents, cars, motorhomes, and gazebos, must be able to accommodate in the size of pitch booked which is stipulated at the time of booking. This ensures you have booked the correct size pitch for your holiday. Should you subsequently alter your requirements, we cannot guarantee to provide an appropriately sized pitch.
10. This contract is with The Headlands Caravan and Camping Park, Atlantic Road, Tintagel, Cornwall, PL34 0DE. A contract exists as soon as we have issued our confirmation of booking. You are to check this carefully to see that it reflects your wishes. Please inform us of any discrepancy within 7 days unless your holiday is to start within 14 days in which case you should inform us within 24 hours.

Deposits and Our Prices

11. Our prices include VAT.
12. The price will not be subject to any change unless the rate of VAT changes.
13. At the time of booking, you will be requested to make a 25% Holiday deposit payment of the full price of your holiday to provisionally book your holiday.
14. You will be requested to make payment in full 12 weeks prior to your arrival. Once payment has been received in full this will secure your booking.
15. Any bookings within 12 weeks, you will be required to make payment in full
16. Should payment not be received in full 12 weeks prior to your booking, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday. We are not required to send you a reminder. The holiday is liable to be rebooked with the loss of your deposit. We will confirm the cancellation to you in writing by email or letter.
17. Should you be staying in one of our Caravans, at the time of booking you will be requested to make a refundable “Good House Keeping Deposit” of £100.00 to cover any loss or damages during your stay. Upon departure, we reserve the right to withhold this payment until such time the caravan has been checked for any, loss, damages, stains, extra cleaning, and replacement of items. We will make any refunds within 28 days of departure. Any deductions of this refund will be notified to the customer alongside reasons of the deduction.


18. You must report to reception upon arrival.
a) The check in times for Caravans are:
I. from: 4pm – 8pm
II. If you are staying in one of our caravans you must tell us by 3pm on your arrival date if you are likely to arrive late (failure to do so may result in you not being able to access the park until the following day).
b) The check in time for Electrical Hook up Pitches are:
I. from 1pm – 5pm
II. If you are staying on one of our electrical hook up pitches you must tell us by 12pm if you are likely to arrive late (failure to do so may result in you not being able to access the park until the following day).
c) The check in time for all other pitches including touring are:
I. from 1pm – 5pm
II. If you are staying on one of our other pitches you must tell us by 12pm if you are likely to arrive late (failure to do so may result in you not being able to access the park until the following day).
19. Times cannot be guaranteed by us if there are extenuating circumstances beyond our control.
20. Upon arrival onto any pitch or caravan, you must notify us of any issues, breakages, damages, supply issues and report to reception within 1 hour of being shown to your pitch or caravan.
21. If we have not heard from you within 24 hours of your expected arrival, we may release your booking. In this event you will not be entitled to any refund towards your holiday.


22. You must report to reception upon departure.
a) The checkout time for Caravans is before: 9am
b) The checkout time for Electrical Hook up Pitches is before: 11am
c) The checkout time for all other pitches is before: 11am
23. An additional charge may be made for a late departure, and is at our discretion
24. Upon departure, please ensure all caravans and pitches are left in a clean and tidy condition.
25. Please ensure any waste has been placed in black bin bags and left outside of your pitch area ready for collection.
26. You must report any damages caused during your stay when checking out.


27. The following items are provided with our caravan stays:
a) General cutlery, dinnerware, mugs, and glasses
b) Cookware such as pots and pans
c) Cleaning items such as hoover, sweeping brush and clothes hangers.
d) DVD player
e) Bed Linen, duvets, and pillows
f) 1 x Toilet roll
28. All bedding and seats must remain in the caravans.
29. Towels are not supplied.


General Cancellation
30. We prefer that customers who are unable to take their holiday agree to postpone to a mutually convenient date. However, you may cancel your holiday at any time. Cancellation will be effective on the date it is received by us.
31. If you cancel your holiday with us, cancellation charges are payable as follows unless your cancellation is stated as per causes: Death, illness or injury / other cancellations / covid 19 cancellations or cancellation in breach of our terms and conditions.

A. Provided we receive written notice of your cancellation, and it is received more than 12 weeks before start date
Full Refund of payments made
B. Provided we receive written notice of your cancellation, and it is received less than 12 weeks before start date but more than 4 weeks before the start date
Refund of 25% Deposit Payment and Good House Keeping Deposit (if applicable)
C. Cancellation received 4 weeks or less before start date
Refund of Good House Keeping Deposit Only
(if applicable)

Death, illness, or injury Cancellation

32. If you need to cancel for reasons of death, illness, or injury to you or any member of your party, or death illness or serious injury of a close relative after you have booked and before the start of your holiday, we will refund / credit your money paid as follows:
a) Provided we receive written notice of your cancellation more than 4 weeks prior to arrival we will refund your holiday and deposit fee, as long as term 33 is adhered to.
b) If you cancel your holiday less than four weeks before your start date, you will only be refunded the good housekeeping deposit.
33. In all cases of cancellations, under this term, must be accompanied by doctor’s note or other evidence. We regret that we cannot give refunds for accident / breakdown on your journey down to commence your holiday or for holidays cut short after arrival through accident / illness or any other reason. You are strongly advised to insure against these eventualities.

Other Cancellations

34. If you must cancel or vacate your holiday during your stay for any reason including an emergency, no refund will be made.
35. Should we be unable to provide the type of accommodation requested, we will refund any monies paid for the accommodation in full.

Cancellation in Breach of our Terms and Conditions

36. We may cancel your holiday if you are in serious breach of your obligations in these Terms and Conditions and the breach is not capable of being remedied or is such that it causes a breakdown in the relationship between you and us (for example violence or intentional damage to property) by serving upon you reasonable notice in writing to cancel your booking. In deciding what period of notice is reasonable, we shall have due regard to the nature of the breach and other relevant circumstances. In appropriate cases, this may mean requiring you to leave the Park immediately.
37. If you are in breach of any of your obligations under these Terms and Conditions which is capable of being remedied (for example, a failure to comply with the behaviour standards which has not caused a breakdown in the relationship between you and us) we may write giving you warning, specifying the breach and asking you to remedy the breach within a reasonable and specified time.
a) If you do not comply with that warning and the breach is either serious and/or amounts to persistent breaches of obligation, which taken individually would be minor but which taken together cause a breakdown in the relationship between you and us, we are entitled to write to you to cancel your booking. In appropriate cases, the warning we give you may be very short and we may then require you to leave the Park immediately.
38. If we cancel your booking under clauses 36 or 37 a) you will not be entitled to a refund of your holiday.


39. We strongly recommend at the time of booking you ensure you have independent holiday insurance to cover any losses that may be incurred or due to unexpected cancellation by yourself or your holiday.
40. We will insure the Park against usual third-party risks to a minimum of £5,000,000 per claim.


41. We hold a key to all the accommodation we own on the Park.
42. If you are staying in our accommodation, we may use the key for any purpose authorised by you, for example if you ask us to give access to an authorised visitor. We may require you to confirm your authority in writing.
43. We may also use the key in an emergency, such as an immediate concern for the health and safety of any person, to carry out urgent repairs or preventative work, or to check and secure the accommodation if it appears to be insecure.
44. We will take reasonable care when accessing any accommodation.


45. Pets stated on the booking are allowed to stay on the park.
46. If you are bringing your pet please provide its own bedding
47. Pets are not allowed on the caravan seats or beds under any circumstances
48. Dogs must be kept under control and must remain on a lead at all times whilst on the park.
49. Fouling must be picked up immediately
50. NO pets cannot be left in the caravan unattended

Our Promises

51. We will allow you to stay with us for the duration of your booking for holiday and recreational purposes, provided you comply with your obligations in these Terms and Conditions and except where exceptional circumstances prevent us from doing so.
52. We will provide, maintain and keep in good state of repair the Services, except where these have to be interrupted temporarily for the purposes of repair or development or for other reasons caused by exceptional circumstances outside our control.
53. Our full Health and Safety policy and Emergency Action Plan are available for inspection in Reception.
54. The park is supplied with Wi-Fi and can be used during your stay. Please report to reception for any passwords you may require and our terms of use.

Your Promises to us

55. You agree that you will:
a) Keep to these Terms and Conditions and the Park Rules.
b) Stay with us only for holiday and recreational purposes.
c) Pay promptly for your holiday and other charges due to us.
d) Not cause any damage during your holiday.
e) Not do or fail to do anything which might put us in breach of any condition of the Site Licence, which is always available on the Park in a conspicuous place. For example, the conditions of the Site Licence which may affect you include those requiring the space between caravans and other structures to be kept clear, those prohibiting combustible structures, those regarding car parking and those requiring the underside of caravans to be kept clear.
f) Not make any alteration to any accommodation or Pitch.
56. You agree that all persons named on the booking shall be with you during your hire period of the holiday caravan and/or pitch. The booking details are important because it is for you and your party’s safety and security purposes only. Should any member of the party leave early, please notify reception
57. Smoking is prohibited inside the caravan’s, failure to comply will result in an extra cleaning fee of £100.00. Smoking is only permitted outside near to the wall mounted cigarette bins. All cigarette butts must be disposed of.
58. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to your property by theft or otherwise or for personal injury, including vehicles left on site. This does not however affect your rights if loss or damage or personal injury occurred through the parks negligence or breach of agreement.

Behaviour standards

59. These standards will apply from when you request your booking until your holiday ends. Unless stated otherwise, they apply whether or not you are on the Park at the time.
60. You agree to, and you must make sure that you, your party and any visitors (including, in each case, their children), keep to the following standards of behaviour:
a) To act in a courteous and considerate manner towards us, our staff and anyone visiting, using or working on the Park including other customers.
b) To supervise children so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or other people using the Park.
61. Not to:
a) Commit any criminal offence (whether or not on the Park or in its vicinity) which causes your name to be entered on the Violent and Sex Offender Register or causes you to be subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or Child Abduction Warning Notice (or any register, order or notice succeeding these);
b) Use the Park in connection with any criminal activity or commit any other criminal offence (i.e. any offence not already subject to clause 66.a) at the Park or in its vicinity;
c) Commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance on the Park;
d) Use fireworks, Chinese lanterns or any similar open flame heat source on the Park;
e) Keep or carry any firearm or any other weapon on the Park;
f) Keep or use any unlawful drugs on the Park;
g) Create undue noise or disturbance or commit antisocial behaviour on the Park;
h) Carry on any trade or business at the Park;
i) Permit anyone who is to your knowledge on the Violent and Sex Offender Register or subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or a Child Abduction Warning Notice (or any register, order or notice succeeding these) to use or visit the Park.
62. You agree that if you or any of your family members or visitors or guests whom you have invited to the Park break the behaviour standards listed above then we may terminate your booking, which will result in no refund.


63. We agree that any letters or other communications between us shall be sent using the details for us in these Terms and Conditions and for you using your booking details. Email may be used.


64. We are confident you will be happy with our service. If you have any complaint, we encourage you to discuss it with us as soon as possible as this gives us the best chance of resolving it with you. If you remain unhappy, please contact us again within 28 days of your departure and we will endeavour to help.

Personal data

65. Any personal data you give to us will be processed in accordance with the law and our privacy policy.
Our privacy policy can be located:
66. The information you have supplied upon booking will be stored on computer for administrative purposes. Under no circumstances will this information be provided to a third party. We may from time to time wish to send you news of special offers on our park. If you do not wish to receive any communication from us, please inform us as soon as possible. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1984 the Booking signifies your assent to these terms.